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ZHEAD4-RTD Multi input thermocouple input wireless transmitter

ZHEAD4-RTD Multi input thermocouple input wireless transmitter

ZHEAD4-RTD Multi-input ZigBee Transmitter

  • Multi input ZigBee Transmitter
  • Battery Powered Wireless Transmitter
  • 4 off RTD (PT100) inputs
  • Long battery life
  • Wall mounting IP65 Enclosure
  • Other input options available.
  • Range of receivers

The ZHEAD4-RTD takes four RTD inputs and transmits the values using a ZigBee wireless transmitter to a suitable receiver.

Specially designed to maximise battery life the Z-HEAD-4 has a range of update rates from 1s up to 60s or longer. A typical battery life would be 3 years at a 10s update rate. Along with the actual value of the input the receiver can indicate the link quality and time since the last received transmission, useful for initiating alarms if a link should be interrupted.

THe ZHEAD4-RTD is housed in a wall mounting IP65 enclosure and can have either an internal ceramic antenna or an external antenna via an SMA connector.

A large range of input types are available and so a complete wireless network can be built up covering almost all types of process sensors.

Price: £245.00


Typical lead time: 1-2 Days

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