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Z-200 Wireless Cable replacement system

Z-200 Wireless Cable replacement system

Z-200 Wireless Cable Replacement System

  • Up to 256 Channels per transmitter
  • Easily Expandable System using ISOSLICE I/O
  • Local display of values at transmitter and receiver
  • Outputs include mA,volts, relays or Communications channel
  • Datalogging Option Available for Additional Cost

The Z-200 cable replacement system uses ZigBee wireless links to transmit process values from multiple transmitters to the Z-200-R receiver unit. At the receiver end the Z-200-R can either re-constitute the values as mA, voltage and relay outputs or have a RS232/485 or Ethernet communications port.

The Z-200-T can have one universal input built in but is easily expanded using the ISOSLICE I/O modules. Inputs available include mA, volts, thermocouples, mV and RTD sensors. Both the Z-200 units are mounted in DIN rail enclosures and have a local display of all the parameters in the system.

Price: £218.00


Typical lead time: 1-2 Days

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