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VOLTCON High Voltage Isolating Converter

VOLTCON High Voltage Isolating Converter

VOLTCON High Voltage Isolator

  • 4-20mA or 0-10V Output Proportional to RMS or DC voltage Input
  • Input-Output Isolation of 1kV
  • CE Marked for the EMC Directive
  • Compact and Highly Competitive
  • Zero and Span Adjustments

This range of isolated signal converters can accept a wide

range of AC and DC voltages and provide an isolated

4-20mA or Voltage output.

The device uses a true RMS input stage which allows

accurate measurement of non-perfect AC waveforms.

The inputs of the device are connected directly to the power

rail to be measured and the outputs, which are always in the

range 4-20mA and proportional to the inputs, are connected

to the data acquisition equipment. The input voltage

measurements are totally isolated and protected with failsafe

resistor networks.

All units offer isolation between input and output, power and

input and power and output.

Price: £265.00


Typical lead time: 1 Week

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