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2002ALMRTD Dual Trip Amplifier

2002ALMRTD Dual Trip Amplifier

2002ALMRTD Dual Setpoint Trip Amplifier

  • Wide range of RTD inputs including PT100 sensors
  • Configurable Trip Action- Failsafe modes
  • Isolated Input Stage
  • Setpoints available as 0-10V on setpoint terminals
  • 24Vdc or 24Vac supply as standard

The 2002ALMRTD accepts a wide range of RTD inputs including 2 or 3 wire PT100 covering all the standard temperature ranges.

The unit has two relay alarm outputs which can be configured as high or low alarms and both relays have change-over contacts which are mains rated.

Each relay can be configured as fail-safe or non-fail-safe and each LED indiactor can be ON when the units is in alarm or OFF when an alarm state is reached. It is also possible to use the device as a latching trip amplifier with a single alarm output.

Both High and Low burn-out options are user selectable. The 2002LMRTD is a purely analogue Trip Amplifier making the unit suitable for SIL2 type applications.

The unit is powered from a range of voltages including 12Vdc 24Vdc and 24Vac.

Price: £128.00


Typical lead time: 2-3 Days

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