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Power Measurement

Industrial Interface manufacture and supply units for Power Measurement ranging from standard Current Transformers to Power Quality meters such as the PQube.

Maunfactured products include the 420TW-AC loop powered isolator which takes the 0-1A or 0-5A output form standard CT's and produces a 2-wire 4-20mA output.

Please contact us if you have a requirement not covered by the products below

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Current Transmitters

Current Transmitters

420TWAC Current Transformer Transmitter

The 420TWAC is a loop powered transmitter which takes in a 0-1A or 0-5A input from a Current Transformer and returns a 4-20mA output.
The unit measures the true RMS value of the input making the unit suitable for all AC waveforms including those from inverters and variable speed drives.


Current and Voltage Transmitters

Current and Voltage Transmitters

CTX AC Current Transmitters

The CTX range are 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA output current transformers with a range of inputs from 0-2A up to 0-200A ac.
Each instrument has three different input ranges which are user-selectable. The CTX can be ordered as standard ring or split-ring cores, the split ring option allows installation without the disconnection of the existing wiring.


VCONHL-AC Ac Current or Voltage Input Isolating Signal Converter

The VCONAC is a 3-port isolating signal converter with an AC current or voltage input and an isolated 4-20mA or 0-10V output. Suitable inputs include 0-1A or 0-5A AC current signals from current transformers or AC voltage signals of up to 250Vrms.
DC current and voltage can also be converted into standard isolated 4-20mA or voltage outputs.
The unit measures the true RMS of the input waveform making the unit suitable for measuring waveforms from inverters or variable speed drives, as well as pure sine-wave inputs.


VOLTCON High Voltage Isolating Converter

This range of isolated signal converters can accept a wide
range of AC and DC voltages and provide an isolated
4-20mA output.
The device uses a true RMS input stage which allows
accurate measurement of non-perfect AC waveforms.
The inputs of the device are connected directly to the power
rail to be measured and the outputs, which are always in the
range 4-20mA and proportional to the inputs, are connected
to the data acquisition equipment. The input voltage
measurements are totally isolated and protected with failsafe
resistor networks.
All units offer isolation between input and output, power and
input and power and output.


Current Transformers

Current Transformers

MCTR Series Current Transformers

The MCTR range of current transformers are compact low cost current transformers suitable forprimary currents from 25A to 800A.
Supplied in 3 different sizes for different input ranges and conductor sizes the standard output is 0-5A ac with 0-1A as an option.
Please see the data sheet for the full range of options


SCTR Split Core Current transformers

The SCTR range are split-core transformers with unique clip-together assembly. They are supplied with a 1m flying lead and a 0-5A secondary is standard.
The clip-together function makes them quick and easy to install without having to disconnect existing wiring.


Power Quality Meter

Power Quality Meter

Pqube Power Quality Meter

The Pqube is a web enabled power quality meter which measures not only the quantity of energy used but almost every other parameter of a mains supply system.
Being web enabled means that this data can be viewed from any remote location using any devive with a standard web browser.