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Georgin ATEX Equipment

A wide range of equipment for ATEX applications including IS Barriers, Galvanic Isolators, Pressure and Temperature transmitters and switches.

Georgin are renowned for producing high quality certified equipment with Industry leading reliability and performance.

Many of these products are also certified for SIL2 applications and there is a useful selection guide which details almost every type of ATEX application and the Georgin solution for it.

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ATEX Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers

Zener barriers are designed to limit the energy that may appear in hazardous areas whatever is connected to the barrier in the safe area.
Typically Zener barriers include a resistive element to limit current, Zener diodes to limit voltage and an in-line fuse to protect the barrier itself.
The Georgin range includes devices to interface to every type of equipment in the hazardous area and our engineers are on-hand to advise the correct barrier for your application and equipment type.

BZG Range of Zener Barriers

BZG Barrier for use with Hazardous Area mounted equipment


ATEX Galvanic Isolators

An ATEX approved galvanic isolator limits the energy that can be transmitted to the hazardous area and also isolates the Safe area wiring from that in the Hazardous area.

Using these isolators instruments connected to an Earth potential in the Hazardous area an be connected to measuring equipment in the Safe area with a different Earth potential,

In addition to eliminating Earth Loops as above, these units can convert any signal type from instruments in the Hazardous area to a standard 4-20mA aanalogue output.

Digital output and alarm relay outputs are also available.

BPX Galvanic IS Isolating Converter

The BPX unit is a programmable galvanic isolated converter with a universal input.
It can be configured using PC software using the ProgressX manager software and an RS232 cable


Slim Signal Conditioners

Georgin Slim isolating Converters

SG Range of Slim Isolating converters

The SG range is a complete range of 6.2mm wide signal conditioners. The range included dual input and dual output units which minimises the amount of space required for a given number of channels.


ATEX Pressure and Temperature Switches

The Georgin range of ATEX certified Pressure transmitters and safety switches includes an instrument for virtually every pressure sensing application.

The pressure transmitters are typically 2-wire 4-20mA output devices whilst the switches typically have one or two sets of changeover contacts.

Our engineers will advise which switch or transmitter most suits your ATEX pressure application.

F Series Pressure & Temperature Switches

Gauge, absolute or differential pressure
Temperature via direct bulb or through capillary
ATEX Approved


P Series Pressure & Temperature Switches

Gauge, absolute or differential pressure
Temperature via direct bulb or through capillary
ATEX Approved