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Case Studies

Surge Protection Applications

An introduction to how specialised surge protectors can be used to protect process control loops.

Galvanic Isolation Selection Guide

A guide to the BPX range of Intrinsically Safe galvanic isolators available from Georgin

Zener Barrier Selection Guide

A guide to the selection of Zener Barriers for a wide range of applications

Wireless Transmitter Replaces Slip-Rings

The problem of feeding low voltage temperature signals through slip-rings can be overcome by using wireless technology. This application describes how the Z-Head-4 wireless transmits 4 off thermocouple readings to the food temperature data logger.

Novaris Surge Protection

Novaris manufacture a wide range of surge protection units.

This guide outlines applications for SCADA, PLCs and other Process Control Applications

ZigBee Wireless Introduction

A brief introduction to some of the applications for our range of ZigBee Wireless transmitters and receivers.

Ethernet I/O Introduction

An introduction to how the E-100 and ISOSLICE modules may be used to create a large scale Ethernet I/O System

Signal Conditioning Technical Note

An introduction to common Signal Conditioning Applications