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Blog > Product Blogs > Geneko GWR352 3G & GPRS Router

The GWR352 router provides an easy way to connect to any field instrumentation via the 3G or GPRS networks.

We've recently supplied several of these units to people wanting to monitor Industrial Boiler Plant from remore locations. The unit acts as a totally transparent link and supports all the regularly used protocols such as Modbus TCP etc.

The remote instrumentation can connect to the gWR352 via an Ethernet connection or an RS232 serial link. If the RS232 option is used the unit converts the serial data into TCP/IP packages and transfers these to the server. The GWR352 can operate in 3G mode but if that network fails it can automatically revert to the GPRS network.

For more details please see the entry under 3G & GPRS routers. 

Date: 03/04/2012 | Author: Martin Sime

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