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E100 Communication Gateway

The E-100 Analogue to Communications module provides an easy way of interfacing analogue and digital process parameters to an Ethernet or RS232or RS485 network.


31 Mar

New 2017 Shortform Catalogues

We have recently created a range of short-form catalogues for 3 main product categories. These include Signal Conditioning, Wireless Sensors and Ethernet and I/O Modules.



Rolls Royce Aerospace use Industrial Interface wireless technology to monitor the critical clamping forces applied when machining turbine blade carrier discs. Machines fitted with the Hydraulic Pressure Monitoring System are located in Germany, the UK and the USA.

Rolls Royce

Monitoring conveyor bearings on the main in-feeds to iron ore plants would be impossible without a wireless monitoring system. Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and FMG have all installed our Wireless Vibration monitoring system on site in Western Australia. The system allows the monitoring of bearings while in use in dangerous locations using the Conditioning Monitoring teams' standard data collectors.

Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton & FMG

When filling piles with concrete, measuring the concrete back pressure is a great way to ensure only the concrete required to fill the hole is actually used. ND Technology's Wireless Pressure monitoring system uses Industrial Interface technology to enhance the efficiency of their clients' piling rigs. Being a wireless system also eliminates cable damage and associated down time.

ND Technology